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E.J. Prescott Solves Inaccurate and Late Payments to Vendors with DataView

March 27, 2019 -- MultiProcess Computer LLC, developers of the DataView Electronic Document Management System today announced that Everett J. Prescott, Inc. (EJP), a leading waterworks distributor offering water-main tapping and installation and underground boring is using DataView to solve inaccurate and late payments to its vendors.

DataView is a document management platform makes it easy for customers to quickly store, search and access any type of electronic document.

Prior to installing the DataView system, the company had been using a paper-based Accounts Payable system. The manual filing system led to frequent discrepancies in PO and vendor invoicing, and these discrepancies meant wasted time reconciling differences, increased the work load for the finance team and late payments to vendors.

Dan Willette, Chief Information Officer for EJ Prescott for the past 27 years said, “We needed to tighten up that aspect of the business.  It was costing us too much time and too much money. We evaluated a document management solution from IBM and visited some field installations of it, including a large implementation at Lawrence Hospital in Lawrence, Massachusetts.  While the solution looked promising, it turned out to be wicked expensive.  We knew where we wanted to go and also that there would be a more cost-effective way of getting there.”

After installing the DataView Document Management System from CAI Software, EJ Prescott’s situation improved dramatically.  “We’re able to do so much more -- so much more easily -- with DataView.  The product is reasonably priced and absolutely packed with the kind of features we wanted in an electronic invoicing archival and retrieval solution.”

DataView specialists worked closely with the team at EJ Prescott to ensure that the system was seamlessly interfaced to the company’s ERP software. Today, EJ Prescott’s DataView implementation seamlessly utilizes over 400,000 separate folders, containing more than 1.4 million individual documents.

About Everett J. Prescott, Inc. (EJP)

Everett J. Prescott, Inc. (EJP) was founded in 1955 in Gardiner, Maine as the first waterworks distributor north of Massachusetts offering water-main tapping and installation, and underground boring.  EJP’s first two branches, in Concord, New Hampshire, and Montpelier, Vermont opened in the 1970’s. Today, EJP offers the finest water, sewer, drain and gas products, backed by an exceptional level of professional service.  The company employs more than 300 people across all of its businesses and distribution branches in all six New England states as well as New York, Indiana and Ohio.

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