Make the Switch to a Paperless Office.


All industries eventually face the task of dealing with an overload of paper and electronic information.

At MultiProcess Computer, our flagship product, DataView Document Management System can help any company operate more efficiently and reduce costs. Our team of highly-trained professionals can help you towards your goal of achieving a paperless office.

Our products and services can be used across numerous industries such as utilities, hospitality, distribution, etc. Data is passed from existing systems into our electronic filing and archiving system with high speed and accuracy. Our services address all of your document management needs, so that you can focus on creating value for your business.

Some of the key benefits are:

  • Providing fast, efficient document search and retrieval.
  • Protecting documents from unauthorized access.
  • Allowing users to share information more effectively.
  • Guarding information against alteration.
  • Increasing the speed of billing.
  • Simplifying compliance of record retention requirements.
  • Reducing company costs associated with labor, paper, and storage.