Make the Switch to a Paperless Office.



Get a complete Document Management System that eliminates the stress of internal and external AUDITS!

With DataView, all of your essential customer documents and folder indexing can be directly created from and linked to your Dealership Management System. In addition, DataView's convenient custom reports capability and Missing Documents Report identifies potential problems that may require immediate attention in the event of an audit.

DataView features some of the following benefits:

  • Eliminate missing documents—The system is capable of producing missing document reports at any time!
  • Irrefutable document integrity—Once a document is stored in DataView it cannot be modified.
  • File protection—Protects against loss due to disaster! All your important and critical information is also stored off site.
  • Organize and store warranty documents directly from the manufacturer’s WEB site!
  • The system is integrated with most DMS software!
  • Organize and store your daily reports efficiently!
  • Scan, store and organize all sales, service and warranty documentation for easy access!
  • Successfully certified with Manufacturers & API International.
  • Protect your organization—Restrict access to documents according to personnel security.
  • Reduce company costs—Save on storage, paper, and employee labor. Documents are electronically captured, filed, and stored in a secure digital repository.
  • Transition to a paperless office—DataView interacts with most host systems or network configurations ensuring a smooth transition.
  • Minimize copying expenses—Cut your costs for duplicating original documents.

Will you be ready for the audit? You will be with DataView.  Call (603) 893-9090 to find out how.