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MultiProcess Computer LLC has been serving the Windham area since 1987, providing IT Support such as technical helpdesk support, computer support, and consulting to small and medium-sized businesses.

MultiProcess Computer Simplifies Network Document Scanning, Indexing and Storage

July 17, 2019 -- MultiProcess Computer, LLC today announced several major enhancements to its popular DataView document management platform. The enhancements automate network document and email scanning and management, increase employee collaboration and improve the overall usability of the DataView solution.

The enhancements streamline network document processing by letting users easily import paper and digital documentsas well as emails and their attachmentsusing the latest network-attached Multifunction Peripheral (MFP) scanners, network document scanners and fax servers. This saves significant time and money and minimizes errors by eliminating the need to manually organize scanned documents.

James Bubnikowicz, president at MultiProcess Computer said, “We continue to develop the DataView solution to meet the changing needs of our customers. Even as networked scanning devices and MFPs are expanding in functionality, they’re becoming increasingly cost-effective for organizations of all sizes. The network-ready enhancements to DataView are the culmination of a year-long process of speaking with customers to understand their current and future document management requirements and bringing these convenient, time-saving capabilities to bear on their business.”

To scan a document to a network location, users simply select the document type (i.e. invoices, delivery tickets, etc.) on the device and DataView’s intelligent Netscan Transfer tool automatically saves it to the appropriate network directory. Alternatively, the scanned document can be delivered to a monitored directory and indexed by DataView’s Auto-Indexer which reads the barcode value or uses OCR on the document to determine the network destination. At regularly intervals, DataView checks the monitored directory and stores the documents in the appropriate network location.

“We work with each customer to outfit their network scanner with a ‘smart button’ that lets users import documents using the same rules that can be used with scanners attached to local machines, but can be utilized by a group of users rather than using a scanner that’s attached to a single station,” Bubnikowicz said. “This enables them to fully leverage the capabilities of the device to enhance collaboration across functional groups.”

MultiProcess also announced a new Email Import tool that provides an organized, systematic approach to managing email documents. Text and HTML-based email messages and their attachments are sent to a dedicated email account. DataView periodically checks the email server, reads values in the inbox, links email messages to its attachments, and indexes and stores them as separate, individual documents.

Sending files in via email eliminates the need to print the documents and then scan them to DataView or drag/drop the attachments into the system, and it ensures that the email communications become part of the customer record.

“We have developed an air-tight system that treats email messages like any other office document,” Bubnikowicz said. “These latest enhancements really simplify the way businesses archive critical documents and maintain a complete audit trail of every customer communication.”

Another enhancement to the DataView platform, the new Mobile Forms simplifies off-line data collection and management. Users can use their tablet or smartphone to create checklists and forms, collect signatures, gather customer data, and automate day-to-day tasks with convenient digital forms templates that can be quickly customized fit your specific data collection needs and then automatically uploaded to DataView for fast future reference.

About DataView

The DataView document management platform, from MultiProcess Computer makes it easy to quickly store, search and access any type of electronic document. DataView helps companies of all sizes across multiple industries to decrease the labor costs associated with document management by automating the entire process. Every document associated with every transaction is automatically created by the DataView system—or can be easily scanned in. With DataView, customer documents are literally at your fingertips. 

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E.J. Prescott Solves Inaccurate and Late Payments to Vendors with DataView

March 27, 2019 -- MultiProcess Computer LLC, developers of the DataView Electronic Document Management System today announced that Everett J. Prescott, Inc. (EJP), a leading waterworks distributor offering water-main tapping and installation and underground boring is using DataView to solve inaccurate and late payments to its vendors.

DataView is a document management platform makes it easy for customers to quickly store, search and access any type of electronic document.

Prior to installing the DataView system, the company had been using a paper-based Accounts Payable system. The manual filing system led to frequent discrepancies in PO and vendor invoicing, and these discrepancies meant wasted time reconciling differences, increased the work load for the finance team and late payments to vendors.

Dan Willette, Chief Information Officer for EJ Prescott for the past 27 years said, “We needed to tighten up that aspect of the business.  It was costing us too much time and too much money. We evaluated a document management solution from IBM and visited some field installations of it, including a large implementation at Lawrence Hospital in Lawrence, Massachusetts.  While the solution looked promising, it turned out to be wicked expensive.  We knew where we wanted to go and also that there would be a more cost-effective way of getting there.”

After installing the DataView Document Management System from CAI Software, EJ Prescott’s situation improved dramatically.  “We’re able to do so much more -- so much more easily -- with DataView.  The product is reasonably priced and absolutely packed with the kind of features we wanted in an electronic invoicing archival and retrieval solution.”

DataView specialists worked closely with the team at EJ Prescott to ensure that the system was seamlessly interfaced to the company’s ERP software. Today, EJ Prescott’s DataView implementation seamlessly utilizes over 400,000 separate folders, containing more than 1.4 million individual documents.

About Everett J. Prescott, Inc. (EJP)

Everett J. Prescott, Inc. (EJP) was founded in 1955 in Gardiner, Maine as the first waterworks distributor north of Massachusetts offering water-main tapping and installation, and underground boring.  EJP’s first two branches, in Concord, New Hampshire, and Montpelier, Vermont opened in the 1970’s. Today, EJP offers the finest water, sewer, drain and gas products, backed by an exceptional level of professional service.  The company employs more than 300 people across all of its businesses and distribution branches in all six New England states as well as New York, Indiana and Ohio.

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Waitsfield and Champlain Valley Telecom Improves Customer Service and Invoice Distribution with DataView

February 14, 2019 -- MultiProcess Computer LLC, developers of the DataView Electronic Document Management System and Waitsfield and Champlain Valley Telecom (WCVT) today announced that DataView has been selected to maximize service and automate customer invoicing.

Established in 1904, Waitsfield and Champlain Valley Telecom (WCVT) is an independent, privately owned telephone company that provides local and long distance telephone services to the Mad River and Central Champlain Valley regions of Vermont. Through its subsidiaries Green Mountain Access, a full-service Internet Service Provider (ISP), and Waitsfield Cable, the company also offers high-speed, residential and business Internet, Wi-Fi and digital, standard and high-definition (HDTV)  cable television services and programing. In order to services its customers at the highest levels, Waitsfield Telecom maintains a local, fully staffed Network Operations Center that proactively monitors the network, prioritizes potential issues and alerts, and provides 24/7 technical support and problem remediation.

Jim Lavoie, Vice President of Information Systems for Waitsfield and Champlain Valley Telecom said, “Being locally owned and operating here for as long as we have, we truly understand the needs of our customers. We also understand that staying competitive as a business and providing the level of service our customers expect requires more than just state-of-the-art technology. It also means continually making improvements to enhance the quality and reliability of our services and provide exceptional value to our customers.”

As the company’s service offerings expanded and its customer base grew, so too did the number of invoices and other customer-related documents. Over time, the sheer volume of paper and electronic documents—more than 2.5 million documents annually—began impacting customer service response time and productivity.

Lavoie said, “We needed to enhance the entire customer service experience and improve our customer invoice distribution system.  The best way to do this was to equip our call center reps (CSRs) with tools to help them access information easier and faster. Once we saw how much DataView could really streamline the way our CSRs do their jobs, we knew it the right solution for us.”

At Waitsfield Telecom, DataView is configured as a series of Folders and Drawers designed to simplify and streamline access to all employee and customer related documents and information. The DataView system includes more than 100,000 folders with more than 2.5 million individual documents and is concurrently accessible by up to 20 customer service representatives. DataView automatically links related documents or documents based on transaction type, so that a single query can conveniently produce multiple documents.

Waitsfield also utilizes DataView to store billing records, reports and statements from the Carrier for the use of the lines as well as from the company’s Cable TV service providers. This enables users to access statements or bills in a single location.  A separate folder contains documents and information common to the telephone industry, including information related to Easements, Contracts, Work Orders and Dig Safe Records.

“The tremendous speed improvement and ease with which we can locate and view actual copies of invoices — while the customer is on the phone — has saved us time and money. Because everyone is looking at the same document, our reps can easily explain services and answer any account-related questions. DataView is such an essential part of our business today that I’m not sure how we ever got by without it,” Lavoie said.

“Waitsfield Telecom’s success with DataView is typical for our customers,” said Frank Motta, Executive Vice President for MultiProcess. “DataView has been successfully implemented at many telecommunications businesses around the country and is optimized to address the specific paperwork problems they face every day. It provides a Virtual Filing Cabinet that captures invoices and other customer-related documents in a secure digital repository, auto indexes documents in the correct ‘drawer’ and folder, and lets WCVT’s representatives quickly access the information using DataView’s sophisticated search tools.”

The DataView system includes a web-based portal that lets Waitsfield’s customers log-in to a secure website where they can view account information and download documents on-demand. This has significantly improved customer satisfaction by minimizing time spent responding to inquiries, and it has saved Waitsfield Telecom by reducing or eliminating printing and mailing costs.

“The web portal is a great feature,” Lavoie added. “Our customers appreciate the convenience of accessing the information on their own time and it helps us avoid the unnecessary duplication of documents and frees up time for our customer service staff to provide the best service we can. There’s been nothing but enthusiastic feedback from everyone.”

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MultiProcess Computer Announces Availability of DataView Enhanced Search Platform

April 11, 2018 - MultiProcess Computer LLC, developers of the DataView Electronic Document Management System today announced general availability of the new DataView Content Search Platform, a powerful new search tool that makes it faster than ever to locate your archived documents and easier than ever to improve customer responsiveness across all your departments.

DataView’s Search Platform is a content-indexing system that allows DataView clients to search for data across all of the documents and indexes stored in the DataView system. With the new Search Platform, you can quickly search and locate document content that is not available with DataView’s standard indexing capabilities.

The DataView Search Platform includes three convenient new Search Options. The Folder Advanced Search lets you quickly search folders using any query string.  You can supply a string to search any indexes within a drawer or multiple drawers. The Document Content Search searches the content of the documents using your specific query string.  You can supply a string to search any content within a drawer or multiple drawers, as well as filtering by document type, document date, create date and modify date. Finally, the new Document Content Search within Folders searches a subset of folders for the content of the documents using your query string.  This search works in the same way that the Document Content Search works but only searches the documents in the list of folders that you select before searching.  You can supply a string to search any content within a folder list, as well as filtering by document type, document date, create date and modify date.

James Bubnikowicz, president at MultiProcess Computer said, "We continually speak with our customers to better understand how they use the DataView system within their specific industry and then we work closely with them to implement the enhancement they request.  In terms of search, making it easier to pull up specific documents for specific issues was something we heard across most of our verticals, but particularly from customers with high transaction volumes and real-time interaction with their customers.”

For existing DataView customers, there is no additional cost for the Search Platform, only a one-time setup fee.

For more information, call (603) 893-9090.

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Subaru of Wakefield Chooses MultiProcess' DataView Document Management System to Drive Customer Service

October 30, 2017, Windham, NH — Subaru of Wakefield, Greater Boston's largest Subaru dealer, offers the greatest selection of new and used Subaru cars, as well as auto parts, service and repair, and financing in Wakefield, Belmont, Danvers and North Reading, Massachusetts. Subaru of Wakefield offers one of the largest Subaru inventories in New England and the best selection of Subaru models, including the WRX, Forester, Outback, Legacy, Impreza, BRZ and Crosstrek.

The company’s headquarters in Wakefield, Massachusetts boasts 20 servicing bays for shorter wait time for customers along with free wireless Internet, a customer lounge/kids play area, free Starbucks coffee plus hot chocolate and popcorn for the kids, and complementary free car wash. Subaru of Wakefield’s operates a fully staffed Service Department open six days a week with extended service hours. Its team of expertly trained and certified Subaru technicians specializes in fixing and maintaining Subaru vehicles. Issues are diagnosed quicker and more conveniently than ever using the latest diagnostic equipment and genuine Subaru parts to get the job done correctly every time. Service technicians are continually enrolled in new and refresher training programs to maintain their level of expertise.

The company was recently awarded the 2017 Customer Satisfaction Award by DealerRater which is chosen by customers and given to the top 10 percent of U.S. new-car dealers. Dealerships who earn the award must maintain a PowerScore™ of 4 out of 5 stars for the year. This special score is calculated using an algorithm which factors the average consumer rating and the number of reviews the dealership received. In addition, many of the team members at Subaru of Wakefield have been with the dealership for years, making personal relationships with their customers and their families.

Sal Barbagallo, Managing Partner and General Manager for Subaru of Wakefield said, "We are committed to offering the absolute best customer experience whether it’s helping them buy their next vehicle or servicing their current one. As proud as we are of our new facility and our team of experienced professionals, we recognized that providing the best customer experience ultimately means getting them in and out and on their way as quickly and efficiently as possible. Like a lot of dealerships, we’ve invested in business management software applications that work wonderfully, but tend to generate a lot of paper. For years we were making do with a somewhat antiquated, paper-based, manual system of filing customer records. Our document archive was literally a room stacked high with boxes. We wanted a more efficient way to access paperwork and process customer transactions."

"Last fall we began speaking with the folks at MultiProcess Computer about their DataView document management solution,” Barbagallo continued. "When we looked at DataView, we immediately recognized just how much time and money the system could save day in and day out, and just how much more effectively we could service customers. We went live with the new system in December of last year and we really couldn’t be happier with the results.”

The DataView Document Management System instantly stores and links documents to related transactions in a secure digital repository that users can access at any time, from anywhere, on an enterprise-wide basis with security authorization. Powerful indexing capabilities automatically barcode and place system-generated documents into the correct ‘drawer’ and folder based on the transaction type. In addition, automated processes for importing, scanning and indexing outside documentation make DataView the fastest option for storing and locating documents.

"Our service representatives can now quickly lookup customer statements, acknowledgements, warranty information and other documents related to a particular repair in one place without leaving their desks which really improves everybody’s productivity,” Barbagallo added. “Now, all documents are generated and sent straight to DataView and no longer physically printed. This has saved us significantly on paper, ink, storage space and, most importantly from a customer service perspective time spent looking for physical documents.” “We really appreciate the system’s signature Capture feature,” Barbagallo said. “Repair Orders, Warranty Invoices and other documents that require customer signatures are sent to our sales rep’s iPads. After the customer signs a document, it is immediately uploaded to DataView. It’s all so simple and worry-free.”

Jim Bubnikowicz, President at MultiProcess Computer said, "We are pleased that Subaru of Wakefield continues to be confident in our ability to handle their document management requirements. “DataView is successfully managing the electronic document requirements for some large-scale, well-known organizations, helping to improve productivity, reduce costs, elevate customer service and ensure that their company’s data is secure. We are happy to welcome Subaru of Wakefield to this growing family of satisfied DataView users."

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About MultiProcess Computer LLC

MultiProcess Computer LLC ( is a software development company that was founded in 1987. The company provides solutions for document storage and management, data and database conversion, electronic data delivery, bar-coding, forms processing and data entry on electronic forms. MultiProcess Computer’s primary product, DataView, is a unique enterprise archiving and retrieval system. We have over 1,500 customers worldwide in the Medical, Manufacturing, and Utilities industries, as well as Government Agencies across the nation.

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MultiProcess Computer LLC launches new website!

MultiProcess Computer LLC is proud to announce the launch of our new website at The goal of the new website is to make it easier for our existing clients to submit and manage support requests, and provide more information about our services for prospective clients.

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CAI Software LLC Announces Strategic Acquisition of MultiProcess Computer LLC

Smithfield, Rhode Island (June 7, 2017) – Computer Associates (“CAI” or the “Company”), a leading provider of enterprise resource planning (ERP) software and related services to customers in the lumber and building materials (LBM), food, precious metals, and other industries globally, today announced that it has acquired 100% of MultiProcess Computer LLC, an international provider of enterprise document archiving and retrieval solutions.

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