Make the Switch to a Paperless Office.


MultiProcess offers a full line of products that can be easily integrated into your office environment and IT infrastructure.

Our DataView Document Management System enables companies of all sizes across multiple industries to decrease the labor costs associated with document management by automating the entire process. Every document associated with every transaction is automatically created by the DataView system—or can be esily scanned in.  You'll significantly improve efficiency by eliminating unnecessary duplication of documents and reducing the time spent looking for information. With DataView, customer documents are literally at your fingertips.

Storing and retrieving electronic documents are just the first steps in creating a paperless office environment. DataView is a highly scalable solution that allows you to add additional components that further enhance the system's overall capabilities.  In addition, we can also customize the DataView solution to your exacting specifications. You get an end-to-end document archiving and retrieval (indexing) solution that integrates with your business and provides an effective way to streamline your processes, eliminate paper, and improve the bottomline.