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Automated Distribution

DataView's Automated Data Distribution feature lets companies automate the delivery of electronic documents.

The documents may be transmitted by email, fax, printer, web server, or a combination of these methods. The data is sent from a company’s host system to DataView. The customer distribution information is located in DataView, downloaded from the host system, or extracted from the data sent to DataView. Documents may be grouped together for distributing to the same individual.

The file formats transferred from the host system to DataView may be IBM (AFP, IPDS, SCS), PCL, RTF, or several others. DataView is capable of converting these files to PDF, HTML, or text. If form overlays are applied to the data, the copies look like the original documents. With Automated Distribution, optional cover pages may also be added to the documents prior to delivery. The Automated Distribution feature fully automates the distribution process, ensuring accurate and instant delivery of statements, bills, spreadsheets, reports, etc.

The Automated Data Distribution methods that can be used are:

  • Email:  DataView automatically creates and sends an email note with the document attached
  • Web Server:  DataView automatically distributes information via web servers
  • Fax:  Documents may automatically be faxed to customers
  • Print:  DataView has the ability to apply forms overlay and distribute the documents to a company’s printer

Benefits of the DataView Automated Distribution

  • Less paper is used and overhead costs are reduced when document distribution is automated
  • Savings in purchasing paper, printer toner, and postage are realized with an automated distribution system
  • Customers receive their statements or bills in a timely, secure manner which may expedite payment
  • Personnel time is not spent on printing, preparing, and mailing documents, with increases efficiency in the office
  • Automated Data Distribution increases customer care and satisfaction by freeing up employees’ time
  • User error is drastically reduced.

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