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Automated Document Indexing

Doc Indexing Icon Jul2017The costs of manual data entry are not always obvious.

Often, employees across the organization are responsible for keying data. However, manual data entry creates an undeniable and unnecessary cost and drags on productivity and invites the potential for human error. And while your data is probably fairly accurate now, any improvement lowers costs and increases productivity.

Our automated indexing software can be used to read either barcodes or OCR data from your scanned documents, and import the document into the proper folder with the right document type. This process requires no human intervention, making it the fastest option for storing documents in your imaging system.

Even on poor quality originals, error checking and image enhancement can improve the ability to read bar coded documents, allowing your business to dramatically increase speed and accuracy in its filing process.

Document Indexing Features

  • Eliminate the keying of information
  • Automatic indexing for all documents
  • User error practically eliminated
  • Optimized for large number of indexes

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