Make the Switch to a Paperless Office.

CD Publishing

CD/DVD Publishing is a license to distribute DataView software and archived data utilizing our integrated database software and viewer.

Travelers, customers, and partners can have access to your data even if they don't have access to the DataView server.


  • Published data looks just like the real system
  • Easy access to data for travelers, customers and partners
  • Microsoft Windows operating environments
  • High speed text searching
  • Report and form printing of all or partial pages
  • Fast viewing of first and last page of report or form
  • Ability to save the data to CD disk for ease of access and transporting


  • Eliminates the burden and cost of paper storage
  • Images/documents and indexes are held in a self contained CD-ROM
  • Eliminates purchasing and storing office paper
  • Forms can be printed from any laser printer

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