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Data Conversion

DataView can easily convert data from several input formats, such as AFP, IPDS, or PCL to PDF format.

The graphical data is converted to a PDF format for viewing and printing to any laser printer. You may also use DataView to send the converted data to clients or partners via email, fax, or the web.

Some of the types of print streams we can interact with are:

  • AFP, Advanced Function Presentation (IBM)
  • IPDS, Intelligent Printer Data Stream (IBM)
  • SCS, SNA Character Stream (IBM)
  • PCL, Printer Command Language (Hewlett-Packard)
  • Post-Script (Adobe Systems)
  • PDF, Portable Document Format (Adobe Systems)

Some of the Legacy Imaging System we have converted data from and imported into DataView are:

  • Docstar
  • Image It
  • Mofox
  • Filemark
  • FileTrax

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