Make the Switch to a Paperless Office.

DataView Document Management System


Reap the benefits of a truly paperless office.

Reduce your overhead costs by using less paper and storage space, and minimizing the time managing documents. DataView is set up like a traditional filing cabinet or filing system, making it easy to understand. It is the fastest and most efficient way to scan, file, store, and retrieve your documents electronically.

DataView Benefits At-a-Glance:

  • Automatically file and store documents. Documents are electronically captured, filed, and stored in a secure digital repository. This includes Microsoft Word documents (.doc), spreadsheets (.xls), .pdf customer statements, pictures and documents in .tif and .jpg format, system reports, electronic customer signatures, etc.
  • Automated Document Indexing. Each transaction is automatically barcoded and auto indexed into the correct “drawer” and folder based on the transaction type.
  • DataView Search Platform. The DataView Search Platform is a powerful search tool that makes it faster than ever to locate your archived documents and easier than ever to improve customer responsiveness across all your departments. DataView Search uses a content-indexing system that allows DataView clients to search for data across all of the documents and indexes stored in the DataView system. With the new Search Platform, you can quickly search and locate document content that is not available with DataView’s standard indexing capabilities.
  • Automatically import and sort documents. Automated processes import and sort documents across a network that are electronically generated, scanned, or emailed and are easily accessible with security authorization.
  • Fast, Intelligent Network Scanning. Streamline network document processing, save time and money and help your employees offer responsive service. DataView’s Netscan Transfer feature automatically classifies, sorts, separates and extracts data from incoming documents with a single, simple process. Documents are sorted based on document type, and barcodes and page text can be used to file the documents into the correct folders.
  • Instant information access. Customer statements, purchase orders, acknowledgements, delivery receipts, check runs, etc. can be located in seconds and will never get lost, improving the accuracy and quality of customer service. Let your team access documents instantly from any PC, across a LAN, WAN, or via the Internet.
  • Reduce company costs. Save on storage, paper, and labor spent filing and retrieving information. Simplify compliance with government regulations and ensure successful audits.
  • Data Mining. DataView Report Mining can automatically create customized spreadsheets, databases or word processing documents by extracting data from your computer-generated reports.
  • E-Signature Proof of Delivery & Service Work. Minimize delivery disputes, document delivery times and service work and promote driver accountability with DataView’s integrated e-Signature capability. Orders are automatically assigned by route/truck in delivery order, and customers can sign via their smartphone or tablet PC for instantaneous proof of delivery and accelerated cash flow.
  • Web-enabled access. DataView includes a Web Link that allows a Web server to securely retrieve documents and reports. Customers can see invoices and acknowledgements when they log into your company web site at any time. Save toner, postage and time spent responding to inquiries.
  • Email Integration. Documents can be imported into DataView using a monitored email account that users can send documents to. The documents to import can be attachments to the emails or can be the email body itself.
  • Electronic Lockbox. With DataView's Electronic Lockbox feature, your bank handles check deposits directly and sends images of checks back after deposits. Decrease occurrence of payment posting errors and save on paper storage.
  • File Protection for Your Organization. Restrict access to documents according to document type, view-only access, or user clearance. Image dating technology virtually eliminates any possibility of altering documents without detection.
  • DataView Audit Reports. Satisfy compliance with Sarbanes Oxley regulations and HIPAA by recording information each time a record is reviewed or modified. Users have no means of bypassing or modifying the audit trial. lYears of development and user feedback make the DataView scan interface intuitive and reliable.
  • Automated Indexing leverages technology to reduce keystrokes and human error during the filing process.
  • Proven Database and Interface design provide virtually instant results for look-ups, even across one billion plus documents.
  • Secure Access to your documents so they are only viewable to specific groups or people.


Supports all Document Types

DataView consists of software that's installed on a centralized server. This software, also referred to as the DataView Cabinet, is the back-end of the system. It manages all the documents and database indexing information. DataView electronically stores documents of various file formats, such as .doc, .xls, .jpeg, .pdf, .tiff, etc.

Automated processes can be setup on the server, or remotely, to create folders and import documents that are electronically generated. This eliminates the need for manual indexing of documents that can be sent directly to the system electronically. The server also includes a secure, time-stamped audit trail that enables authorized users to view all past versions of your electronic records. Users have no means of bypassing or modifying the audit trail.

MP Scanner2Report Distribution Module

The DataView Report Generator is a tool which can create reports from documents stored in DataView. The Report Distribution Module contains several pre-defined reports, which are useful for identifying missing documents and can produce alerts for expiring documents. Our Industry experts are available to customize reports for your operation. Reports are usually run as scheduled tasks and include options for reports to be automatically distributed.

  • Identify missing delivery receipts and deliveries that have not been invoiced.
  • Document Expiration Report is used to inform users of expiring documents in DataView (i.e., identify contracts or quotes that are about to expire). It can be configured to send emails about expiring documents as well.
  • Internal reports can be emailed automatically to managers (i.e., a Ponderosa client sends a Sales by Customer/by Outside Salesperson Report) to each of their branch managers at the end of the day.


A Solution to Grow With

DataView was also designed to grow with your organization, to scale up by adding additional storage and/or workstations as usage increases. The system can be mastered within minutes of logging into the cabinet. It has an intuitive user interface and, along with our training staff, can be learned and mastered in typically the first training session!

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