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DataView ImageEnhance

The DataView Document Management system offers a number of ways to enhance your current business applications.

This allows your business applications to bring up relevant data stored in our records management system by making calls into our client application.

Some of the actions that can be performed are:

  • Folder Look-ups:  A look-up will be performed returning a list of folders that match the indexes passed by the Image-Enhanced application. If there is just one match, the folder displays as an open folder.
  • Document Look-ups:  A look-up will be performed returning a list of documents that match the indexes passed by the Image-Enhanced application.
  • Scan to Folder: This operation prompts the user to begin scanning documents directly into the folder that has indexes matching the parameters passed from the Image-Enhanced application.


image connect

This application was developed to connect DataView with virtually all accounting and other electronic management systems that use AS400 applications, terminal applications, or Microsoft Windows clients.

This innovation saves users a significant amount of time by making the data stored in DataView instantly accessible with a click of a button. This gives the user access to folders and data, that can be brought up, using the data currently on their screen without the need to retype it into DataView.

This connection is user configurable for terminal based applications that use emulators such as IBM’s “Client Access” or “Personal Communicator”, Century Software’s “Tiny TERM” and more. These types of applications are linked to DataView by the “Image-Connect” application, which performs a predefined action based on the data being displayed by the terminal application.

“Image-Connect” also makes it extremely easy for users to add and index new content, especially when it comes to scanning. This is achieved with a single click of the “Image-Connect” button instead of unnecessary and error prone repetitive keying.

Other applications can be enhanced using an API that leverages the same technology that is behind “Image-Connect” explained below.


image enableThe DataView Image Enabling API allows programmers to easily enhance their business applications with imaging capabilities. This results in users being able to easily add to and/or access the contents of their DataView server.

To simplify the repetitive task of searching for documents, a business application can be enhanced to perform a variety of DataView queries. These queries are performed automatically using parameters passed to the Image-Enable DLL or using the Image-Connect application. These parameters could be based on data presently being displayed by the screen by your image enabled application or other hidden data that your application knows is related to that data.

For example, a user is viewing information that relates to a specific customer in the ordinary accounting application. If he/she decides to see that customer’s file, he/she would have to open the DataView client and perform a manual query. This would require the user to minimally enter the customer’s name or account number. Another user is using an Image-Enhanced version of the same accounting application, and viewing the same information. With a single click of a button, the second user is presented with documents relating to that customer.

The ImageEnable connection can be made either by a 32/64bit dll that must be loaded by the business application, or the optional 32/64bit executable that can be called if dll loading is not available.

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