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Email Import

An Organized, Systematic Approach to Managing Emails and Attachments

Email Import Icon Jun2019 2 DataView Logo Clear 2019Emails are, at their core, simply documents. As such, they should be managed like all other documents.  DataView provides a systematic approach to managing emails and attachments. Emails are sent to a dedicated email account where DataView reads values in the inbox, links the email messages to its attachments, and indexes and stores them as separate documents.


Capture Email Messages for Fast Retrieval, Enhanced Collaboration

Easily capture text and HTML-based email messages for fast retrieval and improved collaboration among colleagues. A monitored email account under your domain name automatically captures incoming messages.  Then, at regularly scheduled times the system checks the email server, reads values in the inbox and indexes the documents to a folder within DataView. This eliminates the need to print and scan documents or drag/drop the attachments into the system.

Link Messages and Attachments and Store As Separate Documents

Email messages are linked to their attachments but stored as individual documents.  Documents can be imported into a specific folder in the DataView system using the email subject as the filename and matching it to the folder index to ensure that the subject is valid.  Users are immediately notified if the subject line is invalid.  Documents can also be routed to a batch folder to be manually indexed if the folder needs to be created.  You can open the batch and view each document and choose a folder or create a new folder to store the document.  Imported email messages can be fully integrated with the related documents in DataView. Messages can share common folders, document types, etc. with other documents, helping you work more efficiently. You can also send email from within your document management application.

DataView makes it easy to search for attachments just like any other document. Quickly access a message or attachment by simply clicking the relevant document -- a significant time saver for organizations that work with a lot of emails. Users can send emails with photos into DataView using their phone or tablet.

Complete Email Management Solution

DataView makes it easy to manage email documents. You can index email, organize these documents and securely share them with specific users just like other documents. You can collaborate on email messages/attachments, route them automatically for review, approval etc. and track user actions performed on them.

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