Make the Switch to a Paperless Office.

Mobile Forms

Give Your Team the Convenience of Mobile Forms

Mobile Forms makes data collection and management simple.  Create checklists, collect signatures, gather customer data, and automate your day-to-day tasks with convenient and customizable digital Mobile Forms templates that fit your specific data collection needs and help to improve the accuracy and productivity of your team.

DataView MobileForms Image1Fully responsive forms for inspections, checklists, surveys or any custom business form ¾and all of the related data¾can be easily deployed and automatically uploaded to the DataView Document Management System for fast future reference. We can also develop custom forms based on your specific requirements.

An intuitive User Interface makes data collection in the field simpler and more accurate.  In addition, you’ll appreciate the convenience of being able to capture essential business information off-line and in real-time on their mobile devices. 

The forms are available for both Apple and Android tablets and phones.

  • Fully Customizable. Build inspection, audits, checklists, timesheets or any other custom form

  • Offline Data Capture.  Collect form data in remote locations even without an Internet connection. Your forms will automatically save data locally and auto sync data when you re-connect

  • Automated Report / Delivery. Map your forms directly to your PDF and Word Report templates

  • Image Capture & Notes. Photo Capture with Date/Time and GPS Location Stamping and Drawings

  • Automated Document Storage. Automatically distribute documents via email and save to DataView

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