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Netscan Transfer

Simplify Network Document Scanning, Indexing & Access

DataView NetscanTransfer LandingPage 4 Jun2019 DataView Logo 2019 Information access and document sharing is an integral aspect of providing the very best customer service. Fast, enterprise-wide access to the right customer information at the precise time it’s needed can make all the difference in ensuring a successful customer experience.

The DataView Document Management System is a network-ready solution for all your document management needs. DataView elegantly handles a wide variety of paper and digital documents and forms, and eliminates the time-consuming task of organizing, scanning and managing them. With DataView, you’ll streamline your network document processing, save time and money and help your employees offer responsive service.

Convenient Scanning Options

DataView offers multiple options for scanning and importing documents. The system classifies, sorts, separates and extracts data from each document with a single, simple process that eliminates the need to manually sort pages prior to scanning. Documents are sorted based on document type, and barcodes and page text can be used to file the documents into the correct folders.

Simply select the document type (i.e. invoices, delivery tickets, etc.) and scanned documents are automatically saved to a specific network directory. Options for handling the documents can be set for each individual directory.

Alternatively, scanned documents can be saved to an interim, monitored directory and manually indexed by users or via DataView’s Automated Indexer. The Auto-Indexer Module reads values either using OCR on the incoming documents or barcode values on the documents to determine the destination.

DataView NetscanTransfer LandingPage Image 1 Jun2019DataView supports a range of network-attached Multifunction Peripheral (MFP) scanners, network document scanners and fax servers. The devices can be easily configured to import documents using the same rules that can be used with scanners attached to a single, local capture station. The system handles multiple office documents (i.e., doc, docx, xls, xsx, pdf, tiff) and image formats (png, bmp and jpg) and provides a variety of convenient scanning options, including:

  • convert from PDF to Tiff
  • perform Text Orientation recognition to fix the page orientation of the documents
  • deskew pages
  • convert to black and white to save space
  • split multi-page documents into individual documents
  • remove blank pages

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